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Chunky Ribbed KA Beanie


£13.50 £18.00 (25% Off)

Whether you want to wear a beanie hat as a fashion statement or for the practical purpose of keeping your head warm, our Chunky Ribbed Beanie is a great choice. The subtle yet attractive ribbed knitting looks great and feels great too.

Our Chunky Ribbed Beanie is made of soft touch acrylic. Acrylic thread is made of plastic. That's right, this is a plastic beanie. But it does not feel like plastic. The soft touch acrylic thread used has the look and feel of wool. And just like wool it will keep you nice and warm. Should you wear winter head gear? After all, you have hair on your head. That should suffice, shouldn't it? For any kind of cold weather the answer is an emphatic モYes, you should wear winter head gearヤ. Although it is a myth that you lose more heat through your head, your head does make up 9% of your body surface. So keeping it uncovered will lower your core temperature.

We are currently working on getting a really good size guide together, but at the moment most items are true to fit except for the 'muscle fit' items which are tighter than the standard sizes.