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Why Should You Participate in Tough Mudders & Keep Attacking Off-Road Challenges

Posted by Rob Mobsby on
Why Should You Participate in Tough Mudders & Keep Attacking Off-Road Challenges

Fitness is not a one-size-fits-all solution. There are many ways of pursuing your fitness goals, but all of them require dedication, hard work, and patience. While some prefer to sweat it out in a gym, others like to indulge in a sport or simply go for a run or walk outdoors to get fit and active. Others prefer the road less taken and like to keep fit by training and participating in obstacle course running. And while it is known by several names such as Warrior Dash, Savage Race, and Spartan Race, the most common name for the event is Tough Mudder. 

What is a Tough Mudder Race?

A Tough Mudder is an endurance race that involves running a set distance on a “muddy” course that is lined with military-style obstacles. It was originally designed by British Special Forces to test the mental and physical capabilities of their soldiers. The modern version that we know today, was co-founded by Will Dean and Guy Livingstone. Tough Mudder races perfectly combine fun and fitness by allowing participants to complete the race at their own pace in their way. 

Keep Attacking Off-Road Running Challenge

While there are many parallels between a Tough Mudder race and our off-road running challenge, they are significantly different in the kind of experience they offer, and the type of attitude required to participate in each of them. If you’re looking for a more challenging, rewarding, and environment-friendly off-road, obstacle running challenge, the Keep Attacking event at Oakhanger Road Bordon, Hampshire is the ideal choice!

Our off-road event will test your physical, emotional, and mental endurance and strength and encourage you to break out of your comfort zones. As it will take place in the open, you will get a chance to feel close to nature while you give your best shot to completing and winning the race. 

Whether you have been training especially for an obstacle challenge or are just looking for a challenge that will push you to your limits and stimulate you to keep going till the end, the Keep Attacking event will meet all your expectations and more. It will be an excellent form of exercise because it will require you to be good at a variety of things including running, jumping, lifting, swimming, and other cross-training activities. 

Why Should You Participate

Tough Mudder and the Keep Attacking off-road running events are a unique opportunity for fitness enthusiasts to test their determination and strength to overcome any physical and mental challenge. They are designed to help you discover your inner strength and inspire you to remain resilient in the face of adversity. At Keep Attacking, we respect and appreciate your individuality. Our off-road running event will help you celebrate this uniqueness and allow you to reach the finish line in your way, at your own pace. 

So are you raring to participate in the ultimate fitness event of the year?

Start training and get ready for our off-road running event at Oakhanger Road Bordon, Hampshire on 23rd April 2022. Register for the event and put yourself to the challenge of 4.5 miles or 9 miles. Get involved, join the Keep Attacking movement and get ready to conquer!

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