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Robert's Story of Overcoming PTSD - Real Life Stories

Posted by Brian Wood MC on
Our next story is from Robert, who shares his inspiring story about dealing and coping with PTSD. Click to take a look at his journey.

Has one of our real life stories inspired you yet? It’s hard for them not to. We are so proud of everyone sharing their experiences and hearing how much our brand means to them. 

To start the new year off with some inspiration, our next story is from Robert, who shares his inspiring story about dealing and coping with PTSD. Take a look at his journey below. 


I became aware of Keep Attacking over a year ago now and was given advice by Brian and the KA Team when suffering from PTSD. Thanks to this, I managed to begin therapy which ended in a full transition into becoming a life coach to help others like Brian had helped me.

''I was given advice when I was suffering from PTSD to talk about it.''

I then had a period of treatment for Skin Cancer this year which I once again went back to the mantra,’ Keep Attacking’ and I’m happy to say I beat Cancer. 

''Keep Attacking is so much more than a brand it’s a mantra it’s a way of life it’s a man and his amazing family giving so many people hope and a desire to succeed.''

What does Keep Attacking mean to you?

It means never giving up no matter how bad things appear to be to Keep Attacking and  moving forward and making your goals and dreams real.

What items do you have?

I have two books, a running vest and camo cap. I wear the cap everywhere! It’s the best quality I’ve had in a training kit. I’ve ran regularly for months in the vest and after multiple washes each time it still looks brand new. 


Have you got an inspiring story to tell? The KA community is a safe place to swap and share your real life stories. Get in touch.


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