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Remembrance Sunday – a time for reflection and appreciation

Posted by Brian Wood MC on
Remembrance Sunday – a time for reflection and appreciation. Read more on the sports and wellbeing blog from Brian and Keep Attacking team.

As the country comes together this weekend to mark Remembrance Sunday, I will be taking some time to personally reflect on the anniversary. It’s important to me to do this every year. I will go to the war memorial in my village to pay my respects and remember those fallen heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice and to appreciate our current serving armed forces. 

It’s a difficult and sombre day – but an important and necessary one.

The World War generation deserve our respects. Their dedication and sacrifice allow us to have what we have today – without it, the world would be a very different place, so we must never forget what they did. 

Lest we forget

Having served in conflict and been in war, I know first-hand what challenging situations soldiers face both on their bodies and in their minds. Tragically, I have known soldiers to be killed in action and have laid them to rest. Not a day goes by without thinking of them in some way. And on Remembrance Sunday those thoughts will be ever present. It is incredibly important to remember what they, and the soldiers before them, gave and to mark it in an honourable and respectful way. 

Giving Back

But it’s not just one day a year that I, and everyone at Keep Attacking, remembers our military heroes. When I launched Keep Attacking at the beginning of 2020, it was important to me to give back to my military family. With every item purchased, we give a donation to the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment (PWRR) Benevolent Fund. The PWRR is my former regiment and has a place very close to my heart. The Benevolent Fund supports veterans of the regiment that need financial support or advice as well as members of forebear regiments, which is just as important now as many are elderly and require help. I am extremely proud to be able to give back in this way. 

After I left the army in 2014, I spent some time as Head of Fundraising for the PWRR Benevolent Fund. It was in invaluable experience and enabled me to experience and appreciate how the fund helps and supports people. This has inspired me to develop Keep Attacking’s charitable activities and we will be announcing more information about this over the coming months. 

However, the coming days must be used to remember those who are serving in our armed forces and those who served before them. Without these dedicated, selfless and brave men and women, we would not be where we are today. 

Lest we forget. 

Remembrance Sunday – a time for reflection and appreciation - Brian Wood Founder of Keep Attacking

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