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Real Life Stories - Joel’s Journey to Happiness

Posted by Brian Wood MC on
Following on from our first inspiring real life story, here is one from Joel, who originally found out about Keep Attacking via Instagram. Click to read the full story and share your own!

Following on from our first inspiring real life story, here is one from Joel, who originally found out about Keep Attacking via Instagram. Keep Attacking caught his eye as he has always been intrigued by people who triumph over adversity. 

Joel’s journey to hard-work and happiness

I was overweight and unhappy but I came to believe in compounding micro improvements. I figured this out when I began going for a very slow run on January 1st 2011. It was super-difficult, but I felt better afterward. So I thought to myself - how many days in a row can I run, without having a day off? 

The game then became about the number of days, not the miles I was doing or the speed I was going. As long as I ran my three miles every day, my high score got one higher and the bigger the number, the less I wanted to stop. 

By playing the game and focussing on my high score number, I accidentally got into the best shape of my life and now have the 4th longest running streak in the UK (I still haven't had a day off). If I had set out to run every day for ten years I'd have given up after one day. That goal is just too big. But, by breaking it down into achievable units and by grinding them out every day no matter what - by keeping attacking every day, I've been amazed by what can be achieved. Check out 3milerundown on YouTube for some of my more memorable runs with inspirational people.

What would you say Keep Attacking means to you?

No matter what life throws at me, I have to get up and run three miles. It's like life - some days it's easy and some days it's just awful and I want to give up - but the only choice I have is to keep going, keep attacking, so I can push past the bad times and get back to the good. Nothing of any value comes easily - if you want to achieve anything you have to Keep Attacking. 

What items do you have from Keep Attacking? Do you have a favourite item?

I have several Keep Attacking T shirts  but my favourite is the technical running shirt. It feels lovely to wear and keeps me dry when I run. Great kit.

I love the Keep Attacking logo. It looks great on all the gear - I want all of it! It makes me feel like I'm part of a select group of people who 'get' the Keep Attacking mantra. It means a lot more than clothing. It was a privilege to get to run my 3 miles one day with Brian Wood himself. Come on our run with us at 3milerundown on YouTube.


Thanks to Joel for sharing his Keep Attacking story. We would love to hear and see who is going to start their own running or exercise journey in the upcoming winter season. Get in touch with us on [main social profile used]. Keep Attacking have plenty of winter warmers to keep you motivated. 

Enjoying the real life stories? Why not get in touch and share your special story with us - we love hearing from you and what you have all achieved. It could inspire a lot of people! Fill in the form today. In the meantime please #KeepAttacking.


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