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Sharing Stories from our Community - Our First Real Life Story

Posted by Brian Wood MC on
Sharing your stories with the Keep Attacking team and our community is something that we feel is special and important to our business. Click to read more about D's story and share yours today.

Sharing your stories with the Keep Attacking team and our community is something that we feel is special and important to our business. Keep Attacking is more than just a brand for the team, it’s a way of life and blessed with such a diverse community amongst us, we want to give a voice to stories that will inspire others. 

Please note these are real stories and so in some instances names are changed when requested.

This story is from one of the KA community who will refer to as D, who became aware of Keep Attacking around April this year.

What is your Keep Attacking story?

My wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2018 and passed away on 1st April 2020, leaving two young boys, aged 12 and 7. I needed something to help heal us after their mum passed to try and get the boys to cope with their loss.  

I was told about Keep Attacking from a mutual friend. Brian kindly donated some kit for the boys and I and we started to run together to and from the cemetery everyday.  Over the space of 25 days we clocked up over 110 miles. The strength and resilience that the boys showed during this time was truly inspiring, they really started to believe in themselves and are much stronger for it.

What does Keep Attacking mean to you?

Keep Attacking is more than just a brand, it’s the whole ethos and mantra that it stands for.  It shows that what you put your mind to you can achieve. It’s about pushing forward even when it feels like the whole world is on your shoulders and against you.

What items do you have? What is your favourite item and why?

There are plenty! I have caps, a selection of t-shirts, shorts and a reflective jacket. 

The reflective jacket for me is by far the best item of running kit I have ever used, I used it in Wales where the weather is usually raining and windy and it keeps me training each day no matter what the weather.

Thank you to Brian and Lucy for all the support and kindness and best of luck for the future. 


I think we can all agree that D’s story is incredibly heart-warming and inspiring to those who are dealing with the loss of a loved one. We hope his story has inspired you to share your own story or get in touch with us.

Share your story

Taking the time to submit your story and photos is important to us. Do you have your own story to share? It could inspire others more than you know. Get in touch today. In the meantime please #KeepAttacking.

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