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Keep Attacking Takes Valuable Aid To the Ukrainian People, Salutes Their Undying Spirit

Posted by Rob Mobsby on
Keep Attacking Takes Valuable Aid To the Ukrainian People, Salutes Their Undying Spirit

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, the suffering of the millions of people still trapped in the war-torn country is worsening. The aggression has displaced more than 4 million people and has plunged Europe into the worst refugee crisis since World War Two. The greatest cost of any war is the human cost, and the one in Ukraine requires immediate attention in the form of humanitarian aid from any and every possible source. As a brand that endorses positivity, resilience, and perseverance in the face of all adversity, Keep Attacking wasted no time joining other like-minded people in gathering valuable aid for the Ukrainian people, and between 6th-8th March, transporting it to the country’s border to Poland.

After helping to gather quality aid worth more than £10K, and filling it in three large vans, the founder of Keep Attacking, Brian Wood, along with others who shared the same spirit of generosity and kindness, travelled more than 1200 miles to the Polish town of Przemysl to deliver it to those in desperate need of it. The group witnessed adversity and desperation unlike any, among people who had fled Ukraine with their children, not knowing if they’ll ever get to go back to their homes. While it was heartbreaking to see the plight and needless suffering of innocent people, the warmth and kindness shown by locals and others who’d joined the humanitarian effort, was uplifting. Brian and his friends remain committed to helping gather aid for the people of Ukraine and ensuring it reaches them when they need it the most.

Keep Attacking salutes the undying, “Keep Attacking” spirit of the people of Ukraine and has pledged to provide aid and support in any manner or capacity feasible. Because we totally believe, that only in the face of adversity can one keep going and Keep Attacking!

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