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Keep Attacking – More Than A Brand To Me and Hopefully To You

Posted by Brian Wood MC on
Keep Attacking – more than a brand to me and hopefully to you - Brian Wood - Keep Attacking Sports wear & Lounge wear, click to read more on our sports and wellbeing journal.

I am a firm believer that all experiences count. They make up who we are and provide us with tools and knowledge to develop and live our lives. Welcome to Keep Attacking – a concept driven from my own experiences as a father, son, husband and a former decorated soldier in the British Army.

Where Keep Attacking came from

I’ve faced some difficult situations throughout my life – being a frontline soldier led me to some intense and stressful situations. At the age of 23, my fellow comrades and I were ambushed in what became known as the infamous Battle of Danny Boy in Iraq. I’ve witnessed the horrors of war first hand, seen things that most people only see in films or on TV. I’ve lost friends and seen people I care about suffer horrific injuries. 

Fighting a five-year battle to clear my name from false allegations of war crimes. The Al -Sweady inquiry was not only hard on me but my family as well. My sons faced questions at school that no child should be asked. People have questioned my integrity, my honour and my ability. 

Around three in 100 people will develop post-traumatic stress disorder during their lives – I am one of those people. I have experienced crippling anxiety and rage so acute that I questioned who I was. 

But I have always known that if I just keep going – if I Keep Attacking – I will come out the other side and I will be better for it. 

Which is why I have developed this range of fitness and loungewear apparel. I want to be able to use all my experiences, both professional and personal, to motivate and support others who may need it. I hope that when people pull on one of our vests or put on a pair of shorts, they will feel empowered to take on whatever challenge they are facing.   

But Keep Attacking is more than just shorts, vests, t-shirts and hoodies. It’s a way of life, it’s a mantra that I live by every day and I hope others will too. We all need self-belief to navigate our way through the complexities of life. Keep Attacking is about backing ourselves, no matter what the situation, so we can achieve our goals. 

Not just fitness 

When designing the range, I was keen to ensure it wasn’t all about fitness. Keep Attacking encompasses more than fitness or sport orientated goals. I’ve been humbled to hear that the Keep Attacking mantra is supporting people going through some of the most challenging health situations people can face. People who are receiving treatment for cancer have been in touch with me to say how much Keep Attacking is helping them deal with the endless doctors’ appointments or how the chemotherapy makes them feel. Our loungewear range is designed with comfort and flexibility in mind, so people can take the time to recuperate and relax when they need to and do it in knowledge that rest is just as important as the race.

The Future 

While we should learn from our past we shouldn’t let it define us. We must always look to the future. I am excited to develop Keep Attacking and bring more items that will inspire and motivate  the KA community. New items will be coming soon so keep checking our pages. I also hope to be able to share the inspiring stories of the people who the Keep Attacking mantra means so much to. My book Double Crossed has inspired a 90 minute BBC dramatisation feature film, which detailed my experiences in the military and the Al Sweady inquiry. This is a really exciting project to be a part of and an experience that I am learning a lot from.

Thank you for being part of the Keep Attacking mantra, I hope it will inspire you to keep moving forward and keep striving for whatever goals you want to achieve. I hope you will see it, as I do, that Keep Attacking is more than a brand. It is an ethos to live your life by, every day. 

Brian Wood MC – Founder

Welcome to Keep Attacking. A brand that is more than just the clothes, its a mantra. Click to find out more about the brand and it story.

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