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Keep Attacking Launches Great New Teamwear Solution

Posted by Lucy Wood on
Keep Attacking Launches Great New Teamwear Solution

The concept of teamwear in sports originated in the mid-19th century. But its value to the players and fans of the team and the sport is just as significant now as it was at the time of its conception. There are many reasons why a well-designed team uniform is deemed an essential component of a sport. Encouraging uniformity and unity among players, building a relationship of trust among the players, giving a sense of belonging to the fans and team members, improving visibility, and enhancing player performance are some primary reasons why customised teamwear is a must in all major sports in the world. 

At Keep Attacking, we recognise the value of well-designed, high-quality teamwear to the team's performance, regardless of the sport. Hence, we have recently launched a great teamwear solution for players resolute in their pursuit of victory and greatness. Every player brings their unique strength and skills to the ground. Our specially designed, customised teamwear helps each player bring out the best within them and give their best performance together, despite their individuality. It stimulates them to keep going and keep attacking till they have achieved their goal and emerged victorious! 

What makes Keep Attacking Teamwear special?

Keep Attacking is more than just a fitness apparel brand. Founded by Brian Wood MC, a former Colour Sergeant who was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry in combat in Iraq, Keep Attacking is a revolution and a way of life designed to inspire resilience in the face of adversity. After introducing many to this motto through premium quality fitness clothing for men, women, and children, we are proud to launch a unique teamwear solution for local and national teams who wish to make a mark on the field and inspire loyalty among their fans. 

We use special fabrics and materials for all our teamwear, choose appropriate colours and designs to suit the team, and take special care to provide the right fit for each player to ensure they get maximum comfort and confidence while wearing it. Moreover, Keep Attacking team apparel also offers unmatched durability, flexibility, functionality, and style, giving the players a better chance at victory every time they are on the ground. Whether it is cricket, football, or any other sports team, Keep Attacking is the ideal choice to get the perfect teamwear solutions, for both, on the field and off it. Learn more, check out some of our customised kits, and get in touch with us to get a fully personalised, high-performance kit for your team! 

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