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Brian Wood Inspires & Promotes Resilience To Veeam & Fujitsu

Posted by Lucy Wood on
Brian Wood Inspires & Promotes Resilience To Veeam & Fujitsu

Keep Attacking is more than just a fitness brand. Through KA, Brian Wood aims to inspire people struggling with any of life’s adversities and to persevere no matter what it throws at them. And this was the topic of conversation at a recent talk hosted by Veeam Software for the employees of Fujitsu. Like Brian, Fujitsu is also associated with the military. It provides end-to-end digitalisation and other innovative digital solutions for the defence and intelligence sectors, to help overcome the complexities of transformation and deliver decision advantage. The idea behind the talk was to motivate the Fujitsu workforce involved in such crucial roles to keep going despite any challenges.

A former Colour Sergeant in the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, Brian Wood’s journey, which spans from his heroic exploits in the Iraq war to his struggles with PTSD afterwards, is unique and inspirational to all. This military and battlefield experience has equipped him to deliver highly inspirational and compelling sessions and suggest ways to apply these lessons effectively in the corporate world.

During the incredibly personal Veeam-Fujitsu talk, Brain not only spoke about his experience and challenges on the battlefield but also gave an honest account of his struggles with mental health and how to remain resilient in the face of such adversities. The attendees had a unanimous, positive experience that they are sure to remember for a long time.

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