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Keep Attacking Bordon Off-Road Running Event Winners

Keep Attacking’s first off-road running event was a huge success! It was great to welcome hundreds of fitness enthusiasts and adventure fanatics, some as “young” as 58 years, who gave it their best shot at...

Brian Wood Awarded With Freedom of Town Honour

Read about Brian Wood, the founder of Keep Attacking, recently receiving the Freedom of Town award for his charitable efforts by the Whitehill Town Council.

Keep Attacking For The British Army

Once an army man, always an army man! Brian Wood MC is an embodiment of this! The founder of Keep Attacking and a former British army man, he was recently invited to Aldershot to motivate...

Brian Wood Champions The Local Hero Campaign By L&S Waste Management

Brian Wood MC is championing a great cause! Learn about the Local Hero Campaign by L&S Waste Management in Southampton & Portsmouth and how you can get involved.

Keep Attacking Takes Valuable Aid To the Ukrainian People, Salutes Their Undying Spirit

Learn how Brian Wood MC, the founder of Keep Attacking, along with his friends, recently helped gather and transport valuable aid to Ukraine.

Why Should You Participate in Tough Mudders & Keep Attacking Off-Road Challenges

Learn about Tough Mudders and the Keep Attacking challenges and what makes them unique and popular. Find out how they can advance your fitness journey.

How Do I Train For A Fitness Event

Get expert tips on how to train for a fitness event and give your best performance. Learn how participating in fitness events can help you stay healthy.

Garry Jackson – Veteran (30 years of service) and Weightlifting Coach

We are very excited to introduce Garry Jackson to the Keep Attacking blog who I, Brian, served with. Here is his story. Having served with Brian and been friends for a number of years, I understand...

Heidi's Hope

You may have seen Brian take on the 4 x 4 x 48 challenge over the weekend. This was the motivation behind raising money for Heidi's Hope written by Heidi's parents. March 09, 2021 Loosing our...

New Year Life Stories - Dave’s Story

Today we have a lovely and inspiring real life story from Dave, a 46 year old man who served in the army. Click to read more about Dave's amazing story at Keep Attacking.

New Year, New Beginnings - Rachel’s Story

This story comes from Rachel who, despite a six month battle in hospital, still powers on and is working on her mental health progress. Click to read more.

Robert's Story of Overcoming PTSD - Real Life Stories

Our next story is from Robert, who shares his inspiring story about dealing and coping with PTSD. Click to take a look at his journey.

Real Life Stories - Joel’s Journey to Happiness

Following on from our first inspiring real life story, here is one from Joel, who originally found out about Keep Attacking via Instagram. Click to read the full story and share your own!

Double Crossed to be made into a BBC feature-length drama

The BBC has announced a new drama based on Brian Wood’s book, Double Crossed. The book, which was a Sunday Times Bestseller, explores Brian’s experiences in the British Army. Click to read more.

Sharing Stories from our Community - Our First Real Life Story

Sharing your stories with the Keep Attacking team and our community is something that we feel is special and important to our business. Click to read more about D's story and share yours today.